Counseling Program

The Counseling program provides a counselor that will help youth and young adult deal with problems related to personal, social, academic, and career concerns. It is important to know that whatever your situation may be, you don’t have to do it alone.

Benefits of counseling:
**Learn new ways to deal with your concerns
**Increase self-esteem
**Make positive behavioral changes
**Gain greater control over your emotions 
**Having a safe place to "vent" 
**Improve your relationships with others 
**Improve your performance at school (academics, college and career planning)
**Improve your physical health 
**Identify your abilities, qualities, hopes, and expectations and how to act on these 
**Have someone listen to your concerns with care, confidentiality, and respect 
**Counseling referral

To schedule an in-office appointment, please call (214) 565-1147. State that you are a youth or young adult interested in counseling.  We will collect some basic information over the phone and the counselor will contact you to schedule an appointment.

The Mentoring Program will provide leadership and guidance to youth in need of a Big Brother/Big Sister to help them advance in basic life skills. Most of the youth are from one parent families or have been neglected or abused.

Mentors work to positively influence the lives of those in their care by increasing self-esteem, which will give him/her a better opportunity at life. They help them advance their careers and enhance their education.
The Youth Program provides support to at-risk youth and young adult ages 5-21. The Program Goal is to provide assistance in education, social behavior, economic development and computer training. The Program will also provide opportunities for counseling and mentoring. The Program Outcome Goal is to keep youth and young adults out of the juvenile justice system and stimulate positive behavior.
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